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Course Duration

Mental Health First Aid - 2 days

2 days (9am-4.30pm)

Mental Health Awareness

4 hours

A Life Worth Living

4 hours



Stress Management

3 hours

Workplace Wellbeing – for managers

3 hours

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Workplace Wellbeing booklet

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Poor mental health is becoming increasingly common in today's fast paced society, it can have a significant impact on the person experiencing it as well as their family, friends, community and the wider economy.

The causes of poor mental health can be complicated but one thing that we know is that being in employment contributes positively towards a person's mental health and wellbeing.

But we also understand that a persons employment can contribute towards stress on our mental health too.

It is estimated by the Health and Safety Executive that yearly, approximately 2 million people experience a health problem that they feel has been caused by work – stress being one of the main problems.If you are concerned about mental health related sickness in your workplace and would like support to improve and nurture staff wellbeing, or increase awareness about mental wellbeing in your workforce – we can help!


We prefer to work with you in collaboration so we can understand your workplace and what you would like to achieve by working with us. Initially we would like to meet with you to discus this in detail.

Following this, we can provide you with a detailed proposal including costings based on your individual requirements.

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