We believe having good mental health is fundamental to people’s lives, families and communities. All our different projects work in different ways to help people achieve good mental health.

For instance, our Ageing Better programme is about supporting older people to feel less lonely, whereas our Young People’s project works with children who are struggling with issues such as anger or bereavement.

We have staff members whose job it is to reduce stigma so more people can come forward and ask for help and others who have special skills to support people with the most serious mental health issues. Regardless of which project or department they work for, we are all working to make things better for local people.

"(My therapist) was fantastic. She listened to me, understood my needs and guided me in the right direction. I am getting back to myself now. I never thought I needed to speak to anyone about my mental health, but if I hadn't, I would still be on a downward spiral instead of going onwards and upwards". 25 year old woman 

"The most useful part of the workshop was knowing I wasn't alone and learning new techniques. It was very informative and non-judgemental, no question or answer was a stupid one. The quality of my relationships/social life have improved.  I have recently returned to work and have had a few wobbly shifts with lots of self-doubt but had lots of support from colleagues". 34 year old man 

Some of the money received by fundraisers, helped us create this campaign video: