This Mental Health Awareness Week, #KindnessMatters

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week has never been more important.

Many of us are worried about coronavirus and how it will affect us and those we love. We're hoping to show how important it is that we take care of our own emotional wellbeing and that of others.

Kindness is our focus for this week as it is deeply connected to good mental health. We would like you to take five minutes to be kind to yourself or to do something kind for someone else

We can get through this together

The Coronavirus is having a huge impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of our local community. Last month we helped an extra 2,000 people with their mental health. This was on top of the 1,000 people we were already planning to support. At the same time our budget has been badly affected leaving us to find an extra £300,000 this year to continue to provide services such as our talking therapies, group sessions and all of the current virtual support services we are running whilst in lockdown.

For those of us with existing mental health problems, we may never have felt more lonely or isolated. We believe that nobody should have to face a mental health problem alone.

That's why, this Mental Health Awareness Week, we are encouraging you to be kind and share your stories so others can see that they're not alone in the challenges they're facing.

We can get through this. Together. One day at a time.

Be Part of #TeamMboroStockMind

We would like you to take 5 minutes to be kind to yourself or do something kind for someone else, then take a picture or video and share it on social media. Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Nominate your friends and family and finally if you can, donate £5 by texting BEKIND to 70450.

Ideas for 5 minutes for yourself

Try a mindfulness activity

Try some relaxation

Enjoy a cup of tea and your favourite magazine

Make a list of all the brilliant things about you

Cuddle a pet

Ideas for 5 minutes for someone else

Text or call a loved one or friend

Support a local business (share a post on social media, order a takeaway etc)

Write a letter to a friend or family member

Make someone a spotify playlist

If you can, please get involved and help us help those in our local community who are struggling to cope now and in the future.