What is virtual fundraising and is it really that easy? Paris and Michelle definitely think so. Read about how between them they raised over £900 in a week!

The Family Marathon

Michelle, Danny, Hannah and Emily completed a marathon in their back garden in one week as their virtual fundraising challenge.

Michelle says, 

"It's dead easy. Setting up a JustGiving page took 5 minutes and then all we had to do was a bit of maths to see how many lengths of the garden we each needed to run. It worked out we only had to spend about 15 minutes running each day. 

The kids took some encouraging but once they saw the donations coming in from friends and family it was really motivating for them."

LIVE Workout 

Paris also took on a virtual fundraising challenge by completing a Facebook Live workout from his own home and raised money through Just Giving, our text donate number and via Facebook.

Paris says, 

"The fundraiser for Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind was a great experience for me, as soon as I had finished, I felt like I wanted to do it all again! Despite the lockdown, we can still work, we can still create, we can be part of something bigger and we can still contribute. We had donations from as far as Greece, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand! I was supported via email and over the phone to help get everything organised and that made it really enjoyable and easy to do.

We don’t have to have superpowers or be the best in order to grow, create, contribute and push beyond our limits. 99.9% of us are average, average is still amazing! A step each day is a goal achieved."

We are thrilled that Michelle's family and Paris enjoyed their experience virtually fundraising for us. Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind are absolutely here for you and that includes to help with fundraising for us too! If you'd like to find out more information or ideas around virtual fundraising please click here.