When the Covid19 crisis struck, Paris was in the middle of setting up his new fitness venture in Teesside. He contacted Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind as he was keen to support our Stay in Workout Challenge.

"I am passionate about fitness and mental health and I recently decided to start a fitness business which takes fitness further than just the physical. From this passion I decided to create a fundraiser to help Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind with their invaluable service in these very difficult times we live in."

He will be going LIVE at 10.30am on Sunday 12th April to complete the following workout 

100 burpees + 300 air squats + 1000 jump rope

In Paris's words "watch me suffer" here and show your support by visiting his just giving page.

Paris says, "The gym offers a new way to look at fitness by incorporating mental wellness with physical fitness, to create a bespoke, holistic plan that puts you on the path to reaching your personal and fitness goals, by balancing body and mind. The plan will contain stretching, flexibility and pilates classes alongside high-intensity workouts and cardio classes. We’ll also help you find wellness outside of physical fitness, through our nutrition advice, guided mediation and life coaching services, to help give you clarity, balance and stability in your everyday life, not just when you’re at the gym."

The studio will be ready in the coming months but for now you can still find useful info and keep updated on our Plusbeyond page on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as https://plusbeyond.com/

He hopes by sharing his story and raising awareness of our charity through fundraising, he can help even one person out of his friends to connect with services we offer.

If you would like to donate to Paris's fundraising page, click here.