Charlie says, "I’m Charlie and I’m nearly six years old. 

My mummy works for Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind and she’s been telling me about all the people the charity helps. It’s not just grown ups that need help. Lots of children get cross, upset or frightened and the Coronavirus will make it worse.  

I miss the rest of my family and friends from school and wish I could go to my swimming lessons, but I’m ok. Some other children aren’t ok though. Lots of children are scared, sad or angry. I told mummy that even little minds need help sometimes too, so I’m going to try and raise some money and give some of my pocket money to help the children. 

I’ve been doing lots of phonics at home with mummy so I’m going to do a 26 word phonic spelling test. It will be hard work but I can do it!"

Charlie has raised £500 for his 2.6 challenge over one weekend! We think this is absolutely incredible and are so lucky to have Charlie be part of our fundraising team for this challenge. Well done, Charlie!