After struggling with self harm, suicidal thoughts and low mood Alex reached out and received counselling via telephone during lock down from us.Alex told us "I avoided antidepressants and counselling for so long as I was in denial and I thought it would affect my future opportunities. I kept telling myself I was fine, but I wasn’t fine. I was screaming for somebody to save me. That struggle is where the inspiration for the print came from. It has 'I’m fine' written very clearly, but in the bottom right it says 'please somebody save me' in a very dark grey which may not even be visible on the print."



With the support from his doctor, counselling from us and his friends and family Alex is now in his last year of university, completing a tattoo apprenticeship, and told us he is the happiest he has ever been. Alex raised a wonderful £112 for us and also gave great comfort to many of our supporters by allowing us to share his story.



We asked Alex what message he would like people to take away from listening to his story,


“"I strongly advise anyone who is struggling to just seek some help. I let my mental health deteriorate and get to a dangerous state which could have cost me my life. No matter how big or small your issues may be, just talk to somebody. You’re not alone, you are important, you can do this."



Thank you so much Alex for your support and for sharing your story. We think you are absolutely incredible and also extremely talented. Good luck for your final year at Uni from all of us here at Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind.