Danny and Michelle both run their own fitness businesses so know how important exercise is for our physcial and mental health.

Michelle says 'We realise how important looking after our mental health is during this time and therefore wanted to do something to support Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind to continue their services as well as do something as a family ourselves.'

Like everyone across the country their normal routine was put on hold during the lockdown effect of Covid19 so they came up with a great way to engage the whole family in daily exercise as well as raise money at the same time. Michelle tells us how, 

'We aren't runners (especially not Danny!) and Hannah (13) might need some serious motivation to actually get her laps done every day! But we are going to give it all we have. Even if it rains.

We are each going to run 120 lengths of our garden a day, which is 12.5 metres long. In a week between us we will have run a marathon!

Or you could do it yourselves. It's dead easy. Measure your garden, and divide 42164.81 (the number of metres in a marathon) by the number of metres one length or your garden is. 

Then divide that number by seven and see how many lengths your family needs to run to complete a marathon every day.'

During the challenge Michelle said 'the kids were really motivated to do this once they had set a fundraising target and saw people were donating. If your life has been touched by mental health difficulties in any way, you will know how important it is to get the right support at the right time. Now this is more vital than ever.'

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Hannah, Emily, Michelle and Danny for their efforts. They raised an incredible £351.20 that will help make sure our vital services continue to run (albeit a little differently) during this incredibly difficult time.