Due to the current situation, we are now facing a  financial crisis.

What has happened?

There is a lot of uncertainty around the future of our events, community projects, and the impact on our retail shops. Being unable to run these will have a huge impact on our income. Without the funds these streams generate we are at risk of being unable to deliver services and support to those most in need.

What can I do to help?

This is a difficult time for everyone. We know we can get through this, but only with your help and support.

Please help us to continue to direct this focus to where it is most needed right now - by making a donation that will directly translate to hope for our clients who are most at risk from the effects of this pandemic.

How will my money help?

We are working extremely hard to develop new and innovative ways to deliver our core services and support groups online and over the phone so that we can continue to support our community over the coming weeks and months. Your donations will allow us to continue to support all that need us.