Take on a Challenge

  • Run/walk/swim/scoot/unicycle 25 miles
  • Run 25 races throughout the year
  • Take on a challenge for 25 minutes everyday or for 25 days straight
  • Dance for 25 hours continuously

Do good

  • Perform 25 random acts of kindness
  • Volunteer for 25 hours
  • Learn a new skill over 25 days
  • Make 25 crafty gifts

Team work

Get 25 of your friends and family or colleagues at work to take on a challenge together. You can make it really inclusive by giving people the option to pledge what they are able to contribute. For example if you wanted to cover a large distance some people could take on 1 mile while others could take on 100 miles.

All in a day's work

Dressing up days are a great way to fundraise and so much fun - you could even do a 'silver' theme.

Need more support?

Whatever you choose to do we are here to support you all the way. You can contact our fundraising officer Lorna on 07701325028 for more ideas, join other fundraisers on our Just Giving Campaign page here or send us a message on social media @mborostcktnmind and let us know what you're planning on doing.